Sharks Launch Intense Referee Training Program:

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The Sutherland Sharks are excited to launch a new Intensive Referee Training Program:

The program called IRTP is an elite program designed to identify up and coming referees within Sutherland District Basketball Association who have potential to represent SDBA at representative level in Junior Waratah League. It is also utilised as a pathway to upskill identified referees, who have potential to represent SDBA in Senior Representative levels in coming years.  

Sharks Business Manager Adrian Dark said “Referees are a huge part of our game and I’m thrilled that this new program will give aspiring referees the platform to enhance and grow their skills as a referee”.

The IRTP consists of physical training aspects, mentor sessions, goal setting and on court development with the view of managing physical and mental aspects of the game and associated fatigue. 

Goal setting is an important part of the IRTP. This is what sets this program apart from other development programs. In order to excel at any aspect in or loves we need to set achievable and realistic goals. They give direction and focus and drive you to work harder whilst also creating accountability. These are valuable tools for young people to learn and develop as they progress into adulthood.

This year’s program participants are all at different levels of their referee development. 


  • Kale Armstrong
  • Ryan Frearson
  • William Moran
  • Trent Poland 

Congratulations to those officials selected in the new program 

GO Sharks