Statistician Roles

COORDINATOR: The Statistics Coordinator is responsible for the establishment, staffing and maintenance of a statistics bench for a particular game, season or tournament and is accountable to the game authority (League, Association, Tournament Director). The Statistics Coordinator must: Negotiate with the authorities to ensure the statistics bench is suitably equipped and functional. Ensure the personnel on a statistics bench are provided with the necessary equipment, including computer hardware and software if appropriate. Take responsibility for the distribution of the reports to the clients i.e. any or all of the following: the participating team’s coaching staff, the media, the tournament director and anyone authorised to receive a copy of the statistics. Respond to queries regarding the statistics, from any of these clients.

HEAD STATISTICIAN: The responsibility for the management of a statistics bench during a game falls squarely on the Head Statistician. The allocation of personnel to the bench may not be the role of the Head Statistician. However, the Head Statistician assumes full responsibility once the statistics bench is “operational”, at least 60 minutes prior to the start of a game, until the statistical reports have been distributed after the game and the bench has been cleared. The Head Statistician for a particular game is accountable to the Statistics Coordinator and the game authority (League, Association, Tournament Director) for that game. The Head Statistician must: Liaise with the Statistics Coordinator to ensure the statistics bench is suitably equipped and functional. Maintain the code of conduct on the statistics bench. Deal with all queries, regarding the statistics, from the scoretable and referees, during and immediately after the game. Oversee the preparation and collation of the statistical reports immediately after the game. Respond to queries about the statistics from any clients immediately after the game until the bench has been cleared. On any international game and at elite level of competition including the NBL and WNBL, the Head Statistician would be the caller on the bench.

CALLER: The caller interprets all statistics in a game and calls them to the recorder(s). The caller should be suitably qualified and experienced. The caller must: Call the statistics for both teams. Understand and know all definitions of the statistical categories. Understand the official’s signals. Check with the scoretable chairperson on any doubtful situations, particularly when there is confusion as to which player scored a basket. Write down, in shorthand, the statistics during a hectic passage of play and then call them back to the recorder(s) when possible. Assist in checking that each player’s half- and full-time points and personal fouls and the team’s score agree with the official scoresheet and summary sheet if used. 

RECORDER/INPUTTER /COMPUTER OPERATOR: The recorders must: Record all statistics for the game Understand the definitions of all statistical categories so the caller & recorder can work as a team. – So the Recorder can anticipate what they will be recording, – To ease the pressure during a hectic passage of play, – To prompt the caller if something is missed, remembering that the Callers decision is final. Understand the referee’s signals.

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