Scoretable Roles

In local level games, there are 2 scoretable positions:

  • The Scorer who maintains the score sheet
  • The Timekeeper who operates the scoreboard

In higher level games, there are 5 specific scoretable positions:

  • Chairperson: who ensures the smooth operation of the scoretable and its staff and communicates with the referees.
  • Scorer: who completes the scoresheet.
  • Assistant Scorer: This is not always required but, when present, will assist with operating the scoreboard.
  • Timekeeper: who operates the game clock and, in most situations, also operates the scoreboard.
  • 24-second shot clock operator: who operates the shot clock by stopping and resetting according to the rules of basketball.

If you would like to become a Scoretable Official, contact the Stadium management at

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