Holiday Camp 2 21st and 22nd April enrolment

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Holiday Camp 2 Enrolment Form

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2nd Child's Name
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if your child has any allergies,medical or other issues that you need us to be aware of please provide details here
If yes please provide the medication and an action plan when you bring your child to camp
I understand that the organisers will take all reasonable care to ensure the well-being of my child/children during the course of the camp. I will not hold them responsible for any injuries that occur during the camp. I give my consent for any necessary medical treatment in the event I cannot be contacted and agree to meet any and all expenses incurred.
I authorise that any photographic or video images taken at the camp may be used for promotional use.
Please select each item for payment below and it will be totalled for you
Price: $ 145.00
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Price: $ 125.00
Price: $ 15.00
Price: $ 35.00
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