Competitions Update

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At the time we first went into lockdown we expected that we would be able to modify the Winter Competitions and complete them. When the lockdown was extended until the end of August we still held that view but when it was extended until the end of September the possibility of winding up of the Winter Competitions became  unlikely.

Now that it looks like we may not be able to start competitions before November we have made the regrettable decision to cancel the Winter Competitions  and move forward with planning modified 21/22 Summer Competitions which will start as soon as we get the go ahead to safely resume community sport.

To make the transition to the Summer Competitions as easy possible, we are offering all teams that participated in the Winter Competitions, the opportunity to rollover their team nominations and any game fees paid in advance.

We will happily provide refunds for those teams that don’t wish to rollover.

Senior team managers, Junior Clubs and Independent team managers will be contacted shortly to to discuss their options. All SDBA  junior team members will be contacted individually.

We will also accept nominations for new Senior and Junior teams that did not participate in the Winter Competition.

If you are interested in entering a new team in the  2021/22 Summer Competition please email and we will email you a link to a nomination form as soon as they are available.

We look forward to see you back on the courts soon!



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